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CFA is a business intermediary firm that specializes in medical billing (“MB”), revenue cycle management (“RCM”) and healthcare-related (“HC”) companies. We generally represent Buyers under non-exclusive fee agreements that require no retainers and are payable on a “success-only” basis if we present our client with a business that they acquire. We provide assistance through the whole acquisition process, from initial review and valuation, offer presentation, due diligence, document review, and through to final closing. We have specialized in MB, RCM, and HC companies for many years and have completed numerous transactions throughout the U.S.


The sellers we work with are aware that our client/buyers have to build the buy-side fee into their offer price and take that into consideration in evaluating the offer, and they understand that our involvement and representation of the buyer is much more than just providing a lead, as explained above.


To get started, initially you just need to complete some forms we will send, then fax or scan/email back to us so that we can send you “teasers” on all businesses presently available that meet your acquisition criteria and financial resources. If any of those are of interest, we will obtain approval from the seller(s) to send you the full confidential information memorandum (CIM) package. In addition, we will continue to provide you with deal-flow information in the future at no cost or obligation as new matching opportunities become available for review and consideration.

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